The World Shotokan Karate-Do Federation was founded in 1990 in Tokyo-Japan by Sensei Hitoshi Kasuya, 8th Dan, Chief Instructor (right), supported by Sensei Takeaki Kamiyanagi, rip, former President of WSKF (left).

Photo taken from WSKF Japan's website: https://www.world-shotokan.com/shotokan_e/ 

WSKF has dojos in more than 100 countries, including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cyprus, Denmark, England, Germany, Hungary, India, Iran, Ireland, Lebanon, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, the Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago,Turkey, the United States of America, Ukraine,  Uzbekistan, and Venezuela, among others. 

WSKF Representatives

Chief Instructor:

  • Hitoshi Kasuya

Chief of International Section:

  • Taro Kasuya


  • Haruo Ueda


  • Fouad Korban
  • Michael Dukas
  • Mouin Faouri
  • Ulvi Guliyev

WSKF USA® Foundation

The WSKF USA® Foundation is registered in the State of New Jersey as a non-profit organization. It was founded by Sensei Francisco J. Quevedo and Sensei Andrea Quevedo-Prince, students of Sensei Fouad Korban in Venezuela, for the purpose of sponsoring and promoting the development of WSKF and karate-do as a sport and as a way of life in the US, and to support other noble social causes. 

Member: USA National Karate and World Shotokan Karate-Do Federations.

World Shotokan Karate-Do Federation

Francisco J. Quevedo

Born in Coro-Venezuela in 1956. Moved to Boston-USA, in 1973. Started practicing martial arts when he was 16. Graduated from the University of Massachusetts (UMass) in 1978. Got his MBA in 1982, and an ABD in 1983, from Pace University, in New York. Moved back to Venezuela in '83, where he worked in top management positions in insurance and finance. Along with Senseis Korban, Astudillo and Marquez, founded WSKF Venezuela Sports Foundation in 2008, acting as Comptroller until 2016 when he moved back to the US to finish his doctoral studies and to teach at his alma mater.  

He is a 3rd Dan in WSKF, and founder of the WSKF USA® Foundation. He teaches Marketing and Management, and conducts research at Pace University in New York City and Pleasantville.

Andrea Quevedo-Prince

Born in Caracas-Venezuela in 1998. Started practicing karate when she was 4 years old with Sensei Fouad Korban, and got her black belt, 1st Dan, when she was 9. WSKF Kata World Champion 2010-2011-2015, and WSKF Kumite World Sub-Champion 2013-2015. Moved to New Jersey-USA in 2016. She started training with Sensei Robert Young, in Miami-Florida, since August 2017.

She is currently a 3rd Dan in WSKF, aiming for the Olympics Tokyo 2020. Member of the USA National Karate Federation (USANKF) and the Federacion Venezolana de Karate-Do (FVKD), and Dean's List Pre-PA and Pre-Med student at Pace University, majoring in Health Science (B.S). She has won 93 medals in a 16-year sports career; 9 in world events; 50 gold and 27 silver; 13 of them in the US, including the 2017 USA National Championship in Shotokan Kata.

Fouad Korban

Born in Zahle-Lebanon in 1961. Started his first karate lessons in Zahle with Sensei Issam Azoury, in 1972, continued to the intermediate class with Sensei Elías Sayde, and then to the advanced class with Sensei Charles Sayde. Trained with Sensei Mikio Yahara, JKA, in 1975. Moved to Caracas-Venezuela on June 23, 1978. Trained and taught in Sensei Enrique Reyes' Dojo 1978-1984. Became a 1st Dan in 1980, in Caracas-Venezuela. Continued his karate career in JKA Venezuela, which by the time was directed by Sensei Katsuya Ishiyama. Affiliated to ISKF-JKA 1986-1994. On November 1994, he trained for the first time with Sensei Hitoshi Kasuya, currently 8th Dan, Chief instructor of WSKF. Sensei Korban then founded WSKF Venezuela in 1994, and was recognized as Best Branch in 2000, same year when he won 1st place (Kata) in the WSKF World Championship and 2nd place in Kumite and in Jiyu Kumite. Later, in 2002, he also won 1st place (Kata), 1st place (Jiyu Kumite), 1st place (Male Team Kata), and 3rd place (Kumité Ippon Shobu) in the following WSKF World Championship. In 2007, he has awarded Best Instructor WSKF, and since then, his students in WSKF Venezuela's National team, have won 259 medals in the WSKF World Championship, celebrated in Tokyo-Japan, every 2 years. His team was awarded as Best Team in 2013.

Currently, he is a 7th Dan in WSKF, Chief Instructor and President of WSKF Venezuela and its foundation, Vice-President of WSKF, and member of the Shihan Kai WSKF

WSKF Venezuela's website: https://www.wskf-venezuela.com/